Gotta say...I agree with your label for that image....may I ask where did you find it? Also as I seen a few images with flags in your lj-icons....any luck you know where to find a 'plain one' ? have to make an icon and trying to find the flags.

My aunt sent me the picture via email... not sure where she got it.

As far as flag pics... I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for, but I usually have really good luck with Google Image Search.
Tell her is a good one (though I would guess you had already told her)

I'm trying to search one image with US, UK and Spain's flags in it far nothing...think at the end will have to do a gif image. Thanks about google it seems i'm each day more dumb because I didn't even think about it.
I'll keep an eye out for a pic like that, although you may have to just get pics of each of the flags and manip them together.
hey there ;)

if ya find one let me know *g* I'm still searching though I had come up with a lj-icon with the 3 flags...still not the best I could do but my mind doesn't function anymore today.