Alli Snow (allisnow) wrote,
Alli Snow

my brain is going weird

Does anyone who was at all involved with ST: Voyager fandom remember a site with different humorous fan stories, written in sorta script form, only instead of the character's names they were represented by different ascii smiley faces?


ETA: OMG I found them!

ETAA: OMG this is totally the best one: Night of the Burrito

$:@ AH! Help! HELP! Giant Burrito! Help o help o HELP! Run for your lives! Giant burrito! Help! ~~ Paris, who continues running by
":S What did he mean, giant burrito? ~~ Chakotay
&:@ That! ~~ Janeway, points over the hill. A giant burrito does appear, and proceeds to eat the extra ensign.
K:@ Help! Mommy! ~~ E.E.'s last words
>:<>< BURP!! ~~ Giant Burrito
&:@ Hey! That giant burrito just ate our extra ensign! ~~Janeway
":) He was supposed to get killed ~~ Chakotay
&:@ But I wanted him to be killed in a cool way! ~~ Janeway
>:<>< ROAR!!! ~~ Giant Burrito
":) Actually, I think being eaten by a giant burrito is a pretty cool way to go ~~ Chakotay
&>:( Then why don't YOU just go be eaten by the giant burrito too? ~~ Janeway
":( Don't wanna. ~~ Chakotay
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