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Do you watch more TV or movies?
Oh... I go on movie kicks now and then, but for the most part more TV.

What is your favourite television show?
Stargate SG-1

Funniest show on television?
The Simpsons.

Favourite writer on TV?
Brad :)

Who is your favourite television actress?
Amanda Tapping, by default... I'm not big on actors.

Who is your favourite television actor?
Richard Dean Anderson, see above

Who are the most overrated actors on TV?
Most of them? Especially the weenies on The Sopranos and Friends.

What's the worst show on television?

What is your TV schedule?
Monday: Various news shows, Stargate Monday, plus anything fun on THC.
Tuesday: See above, plus X-Files repeats.
Wednesday: See above.
Thursday: See above, plus Angel if I remember.
Friday: My news boys, and Stargate.
Saturday: Stargate syndie, Cops, AMW.
Sunday: Alias.
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