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Some thoughts on Outcast...

I want to start out by saying that I didn't love this episode all that much, but I like it more after reading some comments by Shep fans and seeing them enjoy it. Which made me realize that I guess I'm not really a huge Shep fan. I mean, I like the guy, I generally find him adorable and, if we're gonna compare male leads, and why not, I find him much more multifaceted than both Jack and Cam. But I don't squee over his screen time the way I do with Teyla, maybe because he's got so much more. Eh, anyway, that makes it a little easier the next time I fill out a 'who's your favorite character' meme.

- I thought I read that John's brother's name was Graham. I like Graham better than Dave. Dave gives me 2001 vibes. Dave is pretty much an ass, isn't he? And could he look any more not like John? I found myself hoping they had different mommys or something. Then again, not much resemblance between father and son, either.

- I checked imdb. If you go by the actor's ages, that makes John the big brother by a couple of years. So Dad had little Johnny's life planned out - top schools, following in his footsteps business-wise (old Patrick was a "utilities mogul"? That sounds exciting), Johnny rebelled, went into the Air Force (he likes speed. Not much of that in the utilities field) which sure is pretty much the rich kid of the armed forces, but then he screws up (from his bosses' point of view) and gets a black mark on his record and gets sent to the ass-end of nowhere.

- A closed casket. Dad is totally still alive. Mwahaha.

- Buttoning his jacket at the casket, however, was a very nice touch. The first time I saw that (may have watched certain scenes again...) I thought even though he's dead, John's dad makes him feel even less like himself.

- The Replicator plotline didn't do much for me, not because I have anything in particular against the Reps but because "our enemy is on Earth and we must Get Him" story is less interesting now than it was ten years ago in the episode "Seth". Making Ava a Rep, however, and her eventual fate, was more interesting. Like everyone else, I was having major T2 and SCC flashbacks.

- I liked Nancy okay, even though her name made me wince (sorry, Nancys) and I wish she looked a little more... normal. Cause, you know, I bet all of the directors in Homeland Security look like her. Reminded me of Larrin, a little, looks-wise.

- Some people have called Nancy 'whiny' for complaining about John's secrets. I'm of two minds about this. One, I can understand how not knowing where your husband will be or what danger he'll be in or if he'll come back would be very, very difficult. My cousin is in the army and in Kuwait right now, and his wife is in Washington state, and even though she knows where he is and has an idea of what he's doing, there's a lot he can't tell her. On the other hand, she had to know when she married him how it works for military wives. And there's also the fact that she works for the federal government. I don't know how long ago they were married or what her job was then, but anyone who works for the government has secrets... things they can't just tell their spouses about. (That made me think of Joe Faxon. Bwahahaha.)

- Is the prevailing theory that John's coin-toss in Rising was whether or not he was going on the expedition? I read that in one of the God-awful SGA novels. I don't get that, because Jack told him there in the helicopter, 'make the decision now, or we don't want you'. So he had said he would go before they got back to McMurdo. (Depending on who you ask, I'm sure that's because it was love at first sight between him and Lizzie/Rodney/Carson/drones). The coin-toss, in my mind, was whether or not he would see anyone before he left. After this episode, I think that someone was probably Nancy. And whatever was said, he didn't send a message to her (or anyone else) in "Letters." Aw.

- I want to know what part of the country that house was in. No real reason. I just want to know. I actually had a dream last night that I emailed Joe Flannigan to ask him, and he gave me the street address. Heh.

- In a very subtle, maybe too-subtle way, this episode was about John's biological family vesus the family he's chosen. In this episode the latter was represented by Ronon, mainly, with a little Rodney there in the beginning. I wish wish wish that Rachel had been able to be in this episode, because it would hearken back to that moment in "Sateda" even more, and she's a part of that family. Actually if it was my episode to tweak and no pregnancy issues they all would have come to Earth with him, and then at the end John would have shown up at Dave's for the reading of the will AND EVERYONE WOULD HAVE COME WITH HIM AND TEYLA AND RONON WOULD HAVE BEAT HIM UP. *cackles* Oh well. At least John and Dave didn't share a tearful hug or something. But the last scene did give me more "Seth" flashbacks.

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