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GIP! I stole this icon...

... from a Lizzie freak somewhere angry because TPTB aren't... I don't know. Crawling after Torri on their knees, weeping uncontrollably? I swear, if this turns into DannyGate Mark II, someone's getting whacked.

Weir's never been my favorite character on SGA, the same way that Daniel never was on SG1. Maybe that's why it's so easy for me to shrug and say, "so what?" IMO the character was fairly superfluous from the beginning and should have been recurring, or on whatever kind of contract Don S. Davis had on SG1. I understand that Torri's not happy about how it all worked out but I wish she could have been a little more classy and kept that to herself.

In any case, it's rumored she'll be guesting in some S5 eps, right? I guess she can't be too pissed off at Joe and Co. (Hee that rhymes.)
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