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It's after 7 and I'm still in my jammies. I actually only got out of bed half an hour ago, even though my alarm goes off around 6. Apprentice last night happened to be a two hour episode (which I did not know before I committed myself to watching it). It's the kind of show that almost always amuses me, but afterward I think 'wow, I'd really like that hour (or two) of my life back.' Preferably to put towards sleeping the next morning.

I had an SGA dream last night but so far I don't remember much of it. John was there, and Lizzie, believe it or not, and she was trying to talk him into something with this fake enthusiasm and he wasn't having any of it. He was restless, he wanted to do something or go somewhere (no projection there, eh?) and he found all these big fat Ancient books on something and he was going to read them. *shrugs*

Outcast is on tonight, yay! After years and years of not knowing anything about Jack's past (honestly, it drives me nuts*) I'm thrilled with the idea of getting some backstory on John. And Ronon on Earth! Hee!

Okay, I guess I'd better stop wasting time...

ETA*: By past I mean family-past, i.e. parents, siblings, childhood, etc. Obviously we knew about Sara and Charlie but I wanted more. MORE I say!

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