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So I've got this John/Teyla video in mind -- great song, good concept, lots of Teyla, yay!

Except I keep thinking, 'oh man, I don't have [this episode]!' so I have to download it or rip it from my DVDs. Which isn't a difficult process, just time-consuming.

Which, when you have the vid-bug, is frustrating.

I just wanted to share that.

In other news... look! My first Lorne icon!

ETA: Just a note to myself, since I don't want to forget, that I still need to rip Instinct and The Gift

ETAA: Oh also Submersion.

See what I mean?

ETAAA: Oh, and Allies. Gah. And Siege 1.
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I started some yesterday, but the blue lighting on the hive ship was really frustrating me. That and the low light were making them come out all grainy.