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Imagine, Uni Eye Lensman Books

Ron Howard's Imagine Entertainment and Universal Pictures are negotiating with the estate of legendary SF author E.E. "Doc" Smith for film rights to Smith's seminal Lensman novels, Al Trestrail, Smith's grandson and manager of his estate, told SCI FI Wire. ...

The series spans millions of years, recounting the struggle between the good Arisians and the evil Eddorians. The books chronicle the rising role of humanity in the ultimate battle as seen through the eyes of the protagonist, Kim Kinnison, who comes to control a key artifact: the lens, a bracelet that bestows telepathy and other powers.

The books are weird, but I'd love to see them made into a movie -- or movies, as the case may be.

Honestly, at times I wished for cliffnotes, and it would be fun to see a director's interpretation.
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Ooooo... I hadn't heard about this! I'm not sure whether to be excited or scared, though. :-p

Ron Howard seems like he'd be able to pull it off without changing things too much, if he's got a mind to. Hopefully, the estate will keep some control over the final product... that sort of thing seems to help.
Yeah, but my understanding was that it was really really different from the books.